New Year Greetings

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Hi all, 

wishing you all a very happy 2013. This is my first post for this year. One of my main resolutions to keep blogging :-) I am very happy that one resolution which i resolutely kept last year was my blogging. I hope to keep doing this this year too.

How have things been for you?

take care

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Awesome song !!

Originally posted on My Mind At Work:

Bho Shambo is an excellent song which is really mind blowing whenever you hear it! Its an awakening song!

This amazing song sung by Smt. Sudha Ragunathan from the album Dhyanalingam available for dowload in MP3 from the widget at the right bottom of this page..

Enjoy the music!

Here is the lyrics::

raagam: revathi
taaLam: aadi

bhO shambhO shiva shambhO svayambhO

gangAdhara shankara karuNAkara mAmava bhavasAgara tAraka

nirguNa parabrahma svarUpa gamAgama bhUta prapanca rahita
nija guhanihita nitAnta ananta Ananda atishaya akSayalinga

dhimita dhimita dhimi dhimikiTa kiTatOm tOm tOm tarikiTa tarikiTakiTa tOm
matanga munivara vandita Isha

sarva digambara vESTita vESa
nitya niranjana nidyudha deshaa
Isha sabEsha sarvEsha

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Interesting article

Hi all

•October 2, 2012 • 7 Comments

Hi all, It has been a while here. I miss the feel of this blog. So I guess i Shall be writing here too. How have you all been doing?



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Hiya  all, what is up these days?

Here it is the month of June, the sun and the humidity is warring with each other. sigh. The time of swimming pools and lots of cool drinks.Hence, I am a bit slow on posting. Feel dehydrated most of the time.

Just getting used to my new website. and some new posts up there. You can catch up on them, when you get time.. Will be catching up on you all soon.

A travellogue ~

Social media issues ~

Meditative ~


Self Management ~

Do read and have a lovely week ahead :)

New Post

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Hiya friends,

Check out my new post here ~ ~ on the temple. There is always something soothing when you go to any religious place.

Other than that, summer is still very hot and sweaty here. *phew* Just drinking glasses and glasses of water.

Shifting my Blog to a self hosted website

•May 27, 2012 • 9 Comments

Hi dear friends,

Thanks to all for your support, encouragement and motivating words so far. I must say it has been the interactions and spontaneous encouragement from you all, which has sustained and motivated me on my blogging journey.

Just would like to inform you all that I am moving my blog to my website  In time, I shall be reducing/ stopping posting posts here.

Those of you are, interested, can continue to support me on my website. Those whom I have been following on, I shall link up ur blogs to mine there. But I shall keep in touch with you all through my website and through this a/c also..

Love and gratitude for all the time you spent reading my thoughts. Hope u shall do the same on my new website.

~~ Keep reading ~~




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